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The Field of Stars (El Prado de las Estrellas)



Mario Camus


The great poet Claudio Rodríguez said "For me, life is like a fable; it is something legendary, not only history and specific dates". And this is they way this narration is presented to us; as a legend through which certain people are travelling, people who want to live their own lives without becoming dispirited, falling prey to the glittering outward-show the present offers or sinking into melancholy. They carry on their small struggles with humility but also with intelligence and determination. "The meadow of stars" takes its name from the childhood memories of a man called Alfonso who plays a leading part in the film. Fifty odd years later, when these memories have been almost forgotten, Alfonso has retired and is living in the same house as always in a village situated between the violent sea and the foothills of the mountain range which can just be seen in the south above the clouds.. SCREENED/AWARDED AT: Goya Awards, ...The Meadow of Stars ( El Prado de las estrellas )


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