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The Sacred Family



Sebastián Campos


Sometimes we're so asleep we don't know what we're up to, Marco's mother says, explaining why she must rush to Santiago to see a friend who was hurt in a car accident. Family is family, she says, but for a friend you have a commitment, even on Good Friday, when her son's friends will be houseguests for Easter. Using improvised dialogue and hand-held camera work, the film captures the disintegration of the family's polite appearances at the hands of Marco's sensual and outspoken girlfriend. Adding to this potent mixture are Marco's friends – two university students facing exams, and a mysterious young woman with a vow of silence, guests for a weekend on the beach that will change all their lives.

Showing at Premiere Cinemas 14
Fashion Square
Saturday, February 10, 2:00 pm

In partership with Global Film Initiative.
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